Saturday, December 21, 2013

True Friendship

Friends who are kind to you
And really care of how you feel

They are there for you
No matter what goes on

They cheer you up
And make you smile
Making you laugh that echos for a mile

They make you feel a part
Of the family tree
Which that is special to me

We build each other up
With His Word
His Word is what we've always heard

Our friendship is golden
Our friendship is blessed
Our friendship will last

I dedicate this poem to the Lord and my mama.♥
Love you mama!!

©Alysia Maria
2013/All Rights Reserved

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Know Child, For I Am With You Always

I dedicate this poem to my dear big brother Tony

I Know Child, For I Am With You Always

I know child
I know how you feel

I know child
I know they ignore you
When you try to speak out

I know child
I know they try to accuse you
For something you didn't do

I know child
I know they treat you lower
Than you are

I know child
I know they hurt you
For who you are

I know child
I know they dislike you
Because of appearance

I know child
I know they treat you different
Because you are unconditional love

I know child
But fear no more
For I am with you always
And soon you will be Home
Forever in My embrace

©Alysia Maria
2013/All Rights Reserved



The Eagle
soars higher
than the Mountains.

The Eagle
sees further
than the human eye.

The Eagle
is the feather
of an angel.

And the Eagle
is courageous in
the Lords power.

©Alysia Maria

2011/All Rights Reserved

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Note To Young Ladies: You Are Beautiful In God's Eyes

Dear young ladies,
I would like to announce that you all are very beautiful!! You know why?? It's because God loves you the way you are. He loves you. You mean more to Him than any man on this earth. He loves you all so much that He sacrificed His life for you so your sins are forgiven and have everlasting life with Him. And He loves you so much that He wants to dance with you in romance for eternity. He loves you so much that He wants a relationship with you. He loves you so much that He will NEVER lie or hurt you. He keeps His promises. He's by your side daily! No need to impress the world for your beauty. No need to impress guys either. God knows your hearts desire. He will bring the right guy in the right time. Be patient. Let go of searching and let God bring him. Seek God first and remain in Him while you wait, for then when he brings the one that is true, you will know because the guy had to go through God first, to find you. Love and blessings to you all.♥

Alysia Maria

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Natures Melody

Natures Melody
A soothing sound

A sound that brings joy
From all around

Natures Melody
All that has breath, praise

To the One True King
That's the One we raise

Natures Melody
Is always full with song

That blends with many hues
Willing to sing along

Natures Melody
A melody so dear

Natures Melody
Breath of Life, holy and pure

©Alysia Maria 
2013/All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Words Have Power

Be careful in what you say
They never go away

Words can HARM
Words can HELP

Words can be RUDE
Words can be POLITE


Words can be COLD

Words can PUNCH
Words can DEFEND

Words can HATE
Words can LOVE

Words can KILL
Words can bring LIFE

They never go away
So be careful in what you say

©Alysia Maria  
2013/All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Motherly Love

This motherly love is unconditional.
Like our One and Only true king.
It's not anything traditional.
The Lord's Love is the most beautiful thing.

©Alysia Maria  
2013/All Rights Reserved

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hope In The Trenches


Hope In The Trenches

The trumpet sound shocks me from my sleep
I slowly rise to the blinding crack of dawn
Then rapidly I go, running ready to be in line

The General looks from left to right
Screaming commands, we must follow
My companions and I race swiftly through
The steamy jungle of fate

The twilight met us, we all fall down, in the trenches
I lay there like a weary lamb
Thoughts wander to my beloved who waits
I breathe the beauty of her fragrance,
Soothing to my soul, but only for a moment

The mourning comes with knowing,
The enemy battle continues.

Pow! Pow! Pow! The guns start to fire
My fingers sweat as I pull the trigger
The screams of pain echo, pounding my heart like thunder
I pray to the One who gives me strength,
My spark of hope that brings me home once again

©Alysia Maria
2013/All Rights Reserved