Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hope In The Trenches


Hope In The Trenches

The trumpet sound shocks me from my sleep
I slowly rise to the blinding crack of dawn
Then rapidly I go, running ready to be in line

The General looks from left to right
Screaming commands, we must follow
My companions and I race swiftly through
The steamy jungle of fate

The twilight met us, we all fall down, in the trenches
I lay there like a weary lamb
Thoughts wander to my beloved who waits
I breathe the beauty of her fragrance,
Soothing to my soul, but only for a moment

The mourning comes with knowing,
The enemy battle continues.

Pow! Pow! Pow! The guns start to fire
My fingers sweat as I pull the trigger
The screams of pain echo, pounding my heart like thunder
I pray to the One who gives me strength,
My spark of hope that brings me home once again

©Alysia Maria
2013/All Rights Reserved