Friday, August 2, 2013

A Note To Young Ladies: You Are Beautiful In God's Eyes

Dear young ladies,
I would like to announce that you all are very beautiful!! You know why?? It's because God loves you the way you are. He loves you. You mean more to Him than any man on this earth. He loves you all so much that He sacrificed His life for you so your sins are forgiven and have everlasting life with Him. And He loves you so much that He wants to dance with you in romance for eternity. He loves you so much that He wants a relationship with you. He loves you so much that He will NEVER lie or hurt you. He keeps His promises. He's by your side daily! No need to impress the world for your beauty. No need to impress guys either. God knows your hearts desire. He will bring the right guy in the right time. Be patient. Let go of searching and let God bring him. Seek God first and remain in Him while you wait, for then when he brings the one that is true, you will know because the guy had to go through God first, to find you. Love and blessings to you all.♥

Alysia Maria